Reframe the Game: A New Definition of Sales

Just when it’s needed most, my new book, Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits, is officially available.

I wrote Meant for More as a blueprint for getting the “more” you’ve been longing for; a proven system you can use to learn how to discover your unique value so you can make a difference with your one-of-a-kind gifts and finally charge what you’re worth. You will help more people and create more abundance for yourself and those you love when you stop giving away your gifts for free.

And now, at a time of uncertainty and challenges, it is the key to unlocking your potential and taking back control of your life so you can have more and use your gifts for what is most important: to help.

Below is a brief excerpt from my book that offers you some inspiration and a sense of the results that the formula I’ve developed can help you achieve at work, at home, and in life. Enjoy!

Reframe the Game: A New Definition of Sales

From now on, every time you hear the word “selling” or “sales” out loud or in your head, I want you to replace those words in your mind with “making an invitation.” Because that’s really what sales is all about—inviting people to take advantage of a compelling opportunity in the form of an irresistible offer. It’s about empowering someone to walk through the door of what’s possible by their own volition. You don’t need to convince them or pursue them—you merely invite them.

An invitation is the simple definition of sales. But there are a lot more wonderful ways to view selling. It is also an opportunity for you to:

Share your gifts. 

I fully believe that every person on the planet has within them the capacity to touch the lives of others, and that to keep that capacity hidden is a disservice both to you and to the world at large. Sell- ing is how you create the opportunity to share those gifts with the people who need them. That’s why my life’s mission is to inspire people to own their unique value and have the confidence and courage to open up and make irresistible offers to the people they were meant to serve. (If you’re hearing a little voice in your head right now saying, “Gifts? What gifts?” we’ll talk about how to discover and unwrap your unique gifts in Chapter 4.)

Make a difference. 

When you share your gifts with people who are ready to make a change, you exercise the power that resides within each of us to make this world a better place. Think of Miss Julie—the kids she teaches are learning how to use their voices, how practicing something you care about helps you get better, and how they can use their individual voices to contribute to a greater whole. Or imagine you want to talk to your partner about improving your relationship: When you learn how to propose that in an irresistible way, you stand to strengthen your relationship, which will provide a better foundation for each of you to go out and make a difference in this world, as well as a powerful model of a successful relationship for your kids, friends, and family to be inspired by. In this new definition of sales, everyone wins. There are no losers. Imagine if everyone on the planet were focused on using their gifts to create a good outcome for everyone (including themselves). If you do it, it’ll be much more likely that others will do it too.

Make more money.

 It is very true that learning how to get more people to say yes to your irresistible offer can positively impact your bottom line. After all, knowing how to sell means that you’ll have more sales! But even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, using the Meant for More Formula to name, claim, and value your gifts will help you be a better advocate and negotiator for yourself. You’ll see what you are uniquely suited to do—what  no one else can do quite like you can—and you’ll seek opportunities where the value you bring to the table is needed and rewarded. It is a completely just and natural consequence that putting more value out into the world causes more value to come back to you—and a common form for that value to take is dollar bills (or whatever currency your country uses).

Give people an opportunity to say yes to themselves. 

In this new definition of selling, you are not seeking to get people to say yes to you. You are seeking to get them to say yes to themselves and to commit to taking action that brings them closer to something they want. In other words, you are not the pursuer. The person you’re making an offer to is the pursuer. And they aren’t pursuing you, they are pursuing their own version of “more.” This is comforting news for anyone who thinks that selling is somehow egocentric. It’s not. Rather, it’s about being of service. Knowing this can help you get over yourself and just show up for the people you were meant to serve without worrying about how it makes you look.

Empower people to make a decision. 

As powerful as creating that opening for transformation is, it’s not enough. That door will only stay open for a short time before the person you’re hoping to help will either get distracted by their busy life or their inner critic or well-meaning friends and advisors will start chiming in with all kinds of reasons why the transformation isn’t feasible. So one of the aims of your irresistible offer is to provide all the information that person needs to be able to make a decision on the spot, before that door closes. And that decision doesn’t even need to be a yes. It’s just as valuable for them to hear your offer and say no in the moment. Because then they don’t have to sleep on it, talk it over with their spouse, or keep it as an open item in their minds. After all, we all have enough open items on our mental to-do lists; having one more only adds to our general sense of overload. The goal of selling in the Meant for More model is merely to get people to make a choice. By giving people everything they need to be able to make decisions for themselves, you get to sit back and trust that exactly the right people will accept your offer. It removes any subconscious fear of being pushy or manipulative, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Adapted and reprinted with permission from by Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits by Lisa Sasevich, copyright ©2020. Published by Hay House, Inc.

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