Self-made entrepreneur crushes the dollars-for-hours myth

Financial success as an entrepreneur doesn’t have to hinge on the amount of time directly committed to each client. In fact, as professional organizer Diane Halfman discovered, it’s the passive income one can generate by identifying and replicating a Unique Branded System – we call it UBS for short around here – that allows more time to personally serve VIP clients.

Coming from the predictable yet limited wages of the public sector as a police officer, Diane’s work ethic was built on the idea that in order to earn more money, you have to work more hours and longer days. She was working overtime and sometimes upwards of 18 hours a day to boost her paycheck.

So when she began building her business, she found herself in the same mindset that if you wanted to go BIG, you just had to work more.

When a friend invited Diane to attend a Speak-to-Sell® live event with Lisa Sasevich, she was totally unfamiliar with the model that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs up-level their sales and increase conversion.

“I knew that I wanted to be part of a community like that, but I’ve never experienced such an investment in myself or my business before and I struggled with that.”

But after years of working alone, and doing the dollars-for-hours grind in her business, Diane was ready to jump in headfirst and join the yearlong mentoring program. She explained that being an entrepreneur can be isolating and one of the best parts of the experience has been the connection with supportive peers.

“The community is huge because you’ve got like-minded entrepreneurs who you can bounce ideas off of. You can support others because maybe they’re not where you’re at. Or you can reach up and look at the people who have already gone where I’m going and not reinvent the wheel.”

And in utilizing Lisa Sasevich’s Speak-to-Sell Formula®, Diane has expanded her perspective. She’s found that by utilizing Lisa’s systems she can provide transformational change for her clients on a much grander scale.

“I can actually go deeper with my clients so they get the value of my basic work and my deeper teachings as well.”

Incorporating the Speak-to-Sell principles into her work, Diane created an online academy, which allows clients to access her teachings and provides the blueprint for them to take control of their own organization using her system. This allowed Diane to serve more people and generate revenue without putting in additional hours. Clients get all the videos and checklists they need to get started on their own.

“It’s made it so that I don’t necessarily have to fly everywhere unless people want that one-on-one connection.”

Through identifying and leveraging her UBS, she’s been able to turn her online program into a six-figure residual income stream allowing her to expand her business in other ways. Instead of earning $150 for 3-hour in-person sessions, Diane now has the freedom and flexibility to delve into deeper work with clients face-to-face and has added packages ranging from $1,500 to $15,000 and beyond.

The academy, as well as the book she wrote during that first year, have given Diane time to host retreats more frequently and get to the heart of her deep work with clients.

“I have this passion for people to live in environments that inspire them. A lot of people talk about their home as wanting it to be a castle and a sanctuary, a place to feel good. I want people to have that everyday experience so I enjoy facilitating spa-like retreats to guide people to up-level their life through their surroundings.”

Through her experiences learning alongside peers and implementing Lisa’s teachings, Diane’s own understanding of the transformation she is providing her clients has grown. It now encompasses much more than she, as one person, could offer on an hourly basis.

“It feels more like I’m serving them when I’m in their space and together we are making it feel special. It makes me feel good to give them this special formula.”