She spoke for 8 minutes and…


Lisa Sasevich: Hey guys, it’s Lisa Sasevich and I just bumped into one of our graduates. Her name is Julie Korotkin. Did I say it right?

Julie Korotkin: You did. You did.

Lisa Sasevich: Yay.

Julie Korotkin: Yay.

Lisa Sasevich: I want to show you where we are real quick. So through that door is an event with about 160 people, called the Greatest Year of Your Life. It’s another one of my students, George Carroll, and he asked me to come and speak about events. He’s doing events using our model, killing it, filling his mastermind.

Julie Korotkin: Oh, yeah.

Lisa Sasevich: So now I’m going to teach his room how he’s doing it. We’re going to peel back the curtain. And Julie here just shared something with me and I thought, “Okay this is going to be our Meant for More Moment this week.” And that really is that we’re both here, getting out there with our gift. I happen to be speaking today, she’s here learning, sharing, networking.

Julie Korotkin: Yes.

Lisa Sasevich: She shared with me that she recently did her Speak-to-Sell talk. Was it a 10-minute version?

Julie Korotkin: Eight minutes.

Lisa Sasevich: An eight-minute version.

Julie Korotkin: Eight minutes.

Lisa Sasevich: Share what you talked about and what happened from it, because I really … This Meant for More Moment is about the power of being ready with your talk.

Julie Korotkin: Yeah.

Lisa Sasevich: So tell me what happened.

Julie Korotkin: So what happened was, I actually spoke in front of about 50 people at a breakfast. Yeah, eight minutes. And in those eight minutes, I shared about how to help your young adult succeed without pushing them away.

Lisa Sasevich: So how to help your young adult succeed without pushing them away. I mean, just let that land, right? If you’re out there and you have a young adult and you’re doing everything in your heart, and yet it feels like the things you’re doing is pushing them away, you’d be leaning forward. You might be leaning forward right now.

Lisa Sasevich: Ooh, they’re going to start. Okay, what happened-

Julie Korotkin: We’re about to start.

Lisa Sasevich: … from sharing for eight minutes? Powerful title, which already catches those people you want to help.

Julie Korotkin: Yes.

Lisa Sasevich: By the way, a young adult is someone how old?

Julie Korotkin: 17 to 32.

Lisa Sasevich: So she’s very specific about who she helps.

Julie Korotkin: Yes.

Lisa Sasevich: And what happened?

Julie Korotkin: I actually got two strategy calls and a request for a paid speaking engagement from my sweet little eight minutes. It was awesome.

Lisa Sasevich: So from her being ready and knowing who her market was, she has two conversations with people who are basically raising their hand saying, “I want to work with you.”

Julie Korotkin: Yeah.

Lisa Sasevich: And another gig. So that’s how it works. This year, make sure that you are ready with your talk, right? Once you know your Meant or More, you want to put together a talk that communicates it so you can have miracles like that.

Julie Korotkin: Exactly.

Lisa Sasevich: They’re starting, so we’re going to go in, but that’s the message. Thanks, Julie.

Julie Korotkin: Thank you.

Lisa Sasevich: Congrats.

Julie Korotkin: Thank you.


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