Simple Seeding Secrets

Seeding-Secrets.pngToday I’m going to give you a taste of the secret sauce of our Speak-to-Sell Formula, and that is seeding.

Like the best sauces, seeding is evenly spread throughout our formula, and, when it comes to speaking and/or selling, it’s one of the things that sets our formula apart from anything else out there.

So what exactly is seeding?

Seeding is a tool that creates hunger and desire in your audience without your being salesy. When you seed, you’re giving immediate value, you’re being generous, and you’re also planting useful information about the products or services that can help take your clients further and that you might be offering for sale later in that live or virtual training.

Seeding can be used in live presentations, teleseminars and webinars, sales letters, one-on-one conversations, recorded products, and many other ways throughout the life of your business.

Why do we seed?

We seed so that we don’t have to switch into “sales mode.” Seeding relaxes your audience, because they see that you’re being straightforward. You’re there to serve, and you’re going to show them how to get more.

Here are three different seeds that you can start using right away:

  1. Tell your personal story.
    When you follow our Speak-to-Sell Formula, while positioning yourself for vulnerability and credibility, you share your hero’s journey. You tell your audience what happened in your life that led you to create your XYZ program or system, or to become an expert and coach or mentor to others in a certain area. The minute you mention your program or process, your coaching or mentorship, you’ve seeded it. The audience knows that it exists. And just that simple mention plants a seed of desire in your ideal clients that you will continue to water throughout the rest of your talk.
  2. Mention your clients.
    This might sound elementary, but many presenters neglect to mention their clients and how they serve them. This leaves the audience wondering if they even work with people or if they’re just there to inspire and teach.
  3. You can plant this seed simply. For example, I can say, “I love that my clients can go into our Speak-to-Sell online portal and find their way around easily. And it’s really exciting that we’ve redesigned it to be in small 20-to-40 minute learning chunks, so that even the busiest professional can keep moving through it.” I just seeded my online portal. I seeded how easy it is. And I seeded that I have clients.

  4. “Don’t worry.”
    I also call this the Jewish Mother seed, although you don’t have to be Jewish or a mother to use it! You want to use this seed when you get any sense that your audience might be feeling overwhelmed. At that point, you can say, “Look, guys, I know I’ve taught you a lot today. Don’t worry. I have templates. I have systems. I have worksheets. I’ve got a simple process for you. And in a few minutes, I’m going to show you how I can hold your hand and walk you through this step by step after today.”

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