Three Ways to Prove Your Expertise If You’re Just Starting Out

online-credibilityCredibility is kind of like credit, you got to have it in order to get it.

So, if you’re new to your niche, how do you go about getting that credibility in the first place?

How do you attract people to your event, and then prove to your very first mastermind, mentorship or coaching group that your program is worth the investment?

From my Event Profit Secrets model, here are three ways:

1. A strong promise. Start out with a really strong event promise and keep your focus on selling it. An event “promise” is the outcome or transformation that your attendees will get as a result of attending your event. Then, at your event, articulate a clear and distinct promise for your upsell—for whatever it is that you are offering attendees to continue and deepen their work with you.

2. Your own story/prior work. When you’re just starting out, your own story is your best success story, so don’t be afraid to use it to show that your system works. However, don’t discount the credibility that you have from working with people in other industries.

Those testimonials count too.

3. Subject matter testimonials. These are testimonials about the type of work that you’re teaching. For instance, I could present material that shows how events are a profitable model. Subject matter testimonials lend credibility to your entire enterprise, and, by extension, to you as well.