What If Everything Up To Now Was Act 1


Hey, guys, it’s Lisa. Good morning. I’ve got my sexy voice on, I’ve been having a little health expression this week, bringing you a Meant For More moment from something just amazing that happened to me last weekend.

By the way, I’m here in front of my gym, Hardcore Fitness. I love the weight lifting kind of classes. I think it’s important to keep our bones strong, our bone density ladies. Anyway, I got the opportunity to be the, I don’t know what to call it, share the stage with the mistress of ceremonies at a recent fundraiser and do the thing I love doing the most which is to make an irresistible offer. 

In this case, it was for a not for profit called Just Like My Child and we’re raising money for adolescent girls to really be supported in being empowered. And this particular organization has been working in Africa, but on this night, we were announcing that they are going global and I’ve been supporting them for about 10 years.

So they had a number of gifts that people who are donating at the twenty thousand, ten thousand, five thousand dollars levels were going to receive as a thank you for their generosity in supporting the girls and the growth of this organization. And I got to be the person to, not quite the auctioneer but, really inspire people to give. And I did it from my heart because I love this organization, and I will tell you, we’ll talk about this in a future Meant For More moment that giving and tithing, really taking at least 10% of what comes my way, and moving it toward people, places, and institutions that feed me spiritual food. I learned that from Edwene Gaines, that feeding me spiritually has been a secret sauce to having not only success but fulfillment inside me, fulfillment from that success.

And so I was inspiring, just sharing with the group, the committed individuals that were there to give, to stretch, to give bigger than they were even planning. And something popped into my head that I shared with them and they said it was very impactful, so I want to share it with you because it’s definitely part of this Meant For More conversation. This question that we all continuously ask ourselves, this feeling that won’t go away, “Am I meant for more?” Sometimes it’s a knowing. I know I’m meant for more.

So, what I shared was something that an early mentor, Dan Sullivan, shared with me in a class that I took, called Strategic Coach, many years back, super impactful. And what he said is this question and this is what I want to leave you with today. “What if everything in your life up to now, everything you’ve done professionally and otherwise what if all of that was really just Act One of your play? What would Act Tow be? If all of that was Act One what would Act Two be? What would all of that add up to? What would it perfectly position you for?”

I personally am in my Meant For More moment of my life, where I’m looking at everything I’ve done in the 51 years I’ve been on the planet, helping people, sell without being salesy, my philanthropy, the experiences I have had, and the things that people want to come and pick my brain about where others see me as strong. And really, really taking that and saying, “Okay, what if all of that, all of that success, that abundance, to be feeling so blessed, what if all of that really was just like the rehearsal, Act One for what’s about to happen for this next 50 years?” And I want you to look at your life like that today, and really just take a moment to reflect. What if everything in your life up to now was act one and what’s coming is your amazing Act Two?

This was amazing for the Just Like My Child Organization because for 13 years they’ve been serving underprivileged adolescent, underserved girls in Uganda and we looked and said, “What if that 13 years was all just prep for Act Two which is going global?” And on that night, we announced partners and girls we get to serve in India, and with the Sioux nations. All of a sudden this organization, that’s been, you can almost say like practicing in Uganda, is going to have a much wider reach. What if everything you’ve done has been practicing for the wider reach you’re about to have? This is your Meant For More moment, take a minute to reflect on that today.

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