Why it pays to stay hopeful


Good morning. This is part two of here I am in Maui trying to do my fitness challenge, and I’m at a beautiful resort in the mountains. As you can see, the ocean is way back there, and there’s no gym.

There’s not even stairs to climb and it’s been pouring rain, so even taking a run out the door has been challenging. Plus, it’s day two. I’m trying to get up at 6:00 AM, 0-dark-30 an hour ago when I got up, and I’m also teaching today.

I’m teaching this Mastermind some of the things that you’ll be learning if you stick around, around organizing your knowledge.

So, what to do? Well, there’s a principle I want to bring to you this morning. It’s a Meant for More Moment for sure. Yesterday, if you missed it, the last week’s Meant for More Moment I shared that sometimes you just have to give yourself a stretch, and that’s what I did getting my workout in yesterday.

But there’s another part to it, and I learned this from my good friend, Lisa Cherney, and you hear from me about her a lot, because she’s my good friend. We led our Mastermind together for 10 years, and we raised our kids together. So there you have it. Two Jewish mothers named Lisa.

I was with my daughter recently, and she lost her Lululemon jacket at a dance competition. Lisa C and her daughter were there, and she asked my daughter this question, which I loved, she said, “Sierra, would you like a mindset challenge?” And Sierra was like, “What?” But her daughter said, “Take it, take it. Her mindset challenges are really good.” So Sierra said, “Yes,” and Lisa said, ‘Here’s the mindset challenge. Take all the actions you can and then stay hopeful.” And that just landed with me so deeply. I hope it’s landed with you too.

So we did everything. Sierra went to the lost and found, she checked the girl’s dressing room, we called all the dance moms, we did it all, and then we went to Disneyland.

The challenge all day was to stay hopeful, because if you’ve ever bought a Lululemon jacket for yourself or someone else, they’re not cheap, and this was her favorite jacket.

So, she goes on stage for her time to dance, kills it, comes off so happy, and while that’s happening I see the mom text, right, that someone found her jacket. I mean, there’s 5,000 girls and her name’s not even on it. It’s a black Lululemon jacket. I mean, really.

So, I give it to Lisa Cherney. I said, “I think this is your honor.” So Sierra comes off the stage and she’s super excited.

Lisa looks at her and says, “Oh my God. You did so good. I’m so proud of you, and by the way, don’t want to ruin your moment, but how are you doing staying hopeful?” Sierra looked down and said, “I’m really trying, but it’s hard.” Then Lisa pulls the jacket up and Sierra’s eyes light up and she almost cries, and I took that to heart.

So, I stayed hopeful yesterday that somehow I would get the upper body workout I was supposed to do, and I look around at Mastermind and who is in the Mastermind but a gal you saw on the opening picture of this video, Bree Argetsinger, known online on Instagram.

You should find her for sure as “The Betty Rocker”. She’s one of my besties, and she is the world renowned expert in home workouts that don’t need any equipment.

So before dinner I got a personal workout with my friend Sage Lavine and Ali Cat, and led by people who… People only get to workout with The Betty Rocker online, and we got a private workout and it was everything, and what did I do? Again, I did everything I could.

I went running, I did the yoga class, and I stayed hopeful, and boom, before dinner it was about the best opportunity and the best upper body workout that a girl could possibly have. So, there it is.

So, there it is, guys. In the Meant for More formula, this would go under… I think it’s step four, all about different kinds of action, taking action.

You’ll have to get the book to see the many different ways to think about action, and taking as much action as you can to stay hopeful. It’s not in the book, so consider this a bonus from one of my besties.

All right. Love you. Have a great day. Keep living your Meant for More journey. I am.

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