Why it serves to use limiters

Meant For More Moment:

Have you ever had a super vivid dream that felt so clear that you knew you’d remember the details forever, only to find that moments later you couldn’t remember the first darn detail about it?

Frustrating, huh?

Well, that’s kinda how possibility works. We get inspired and start to see new visions, possible for ourselves, and it seems so vivid and strong. And then we sleep on it and poof, we have thoughts like, “What was I thinking?”

It’s amazing how fast a life changing vision can devolve into something we question, and guess what…the same things happen to the people you are meant to help! They see the possibility of a life with the result of your help, but if they don’t act on securing your help, it seems like a silly idea the next day.

That’s why limiters matter. Today’s video will show you how and why limiters can be a tool to support your best life and the lives of the people you are meant to serve.

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