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Lisa Sasevich:  Hi guys, it’s Lisa, and I am here with our Meant For More Moment. And I’m super excited to introduce you to my new friend, although we’ve been friends online longer than I realize.

Yosef Levy:  Right.

Lisa Sasevich:  This is Yosef, is it Levy?

Yosef Levy:  Levy.

Lisa Sasevich:  Levy. Yosef Levy. And I’m just blown away by this man. He just flew all the way in from Israel so we could have a VIP day together working on his business. And I’ve been excited all week because Yosef is known as The Marketing Rabbi. He’s one of the most highly paid and sought after marketing representatives in Israel. And for those of you that know me a little, you know I love my Jewish culture. And we’re working upstairs, doing a VIP day, and he’s writing things down in Hebrew to keep notes to himself. And I’m saying, “My dad is rolling over with happiness and heaven right now that you’re here.”

Yosef Levy:  Absolutely.

Lisa Sasevich:  So when Yosef came, he told me he had bought one of my programs some years ago, Event Profit Secrets, did an event, had amazing results, and really has been doing it ever since. It’s amazing the things that all of us don’t know about the difference we’re making out there in the world. And we were having a casual conversation, and he shared with me, I said, “How’d you decide to come here all the way from Israel to do this day?”

Lisa Sasevich:  And he shared with me something that he does every year that I’m going to steal it for myself. And then I thought, “Oh, this will be perfect for our Meant For More Moment because to me this is how you begin to create a meant for more life.” So do you mind sharing?

Yosef Levy:  Yeah.

Lisa Sasevich:  Share with me?

Yosef Levy:  More than happy.

Lisa Sasevich:  Okay. Okay.

Yosef Levy:   So once a year I have a special travel, and I have three goals in that travel.

Lisa Sasevich:   Okay.

Yosef Levy:   So if I’m already traveling from Israel to the states, I have three big goals.

Lisa Sasevich:   All right. Three big goals from the one trip that he takes every year.

Yosef Levy:  And every trip must cover these three goals. If no, it’s not a trip.

Lisa Sasevich:  All right. What are they?

Yosef Levy:  Okay. Goal number one, doing shopping at Nordstrom.

Lisa Sasevich:  This is when he had me at hello. Shopping at Nordstrom. Mic drop.

Yosef Levy:  Actually my CEO-

Lisa Sasevich:  Yeah.

Yosef Levy:   … of our company, used to work for Nordstrom for many years.

Lisa Sasevich:  Okay.

Yosef Levy:  So she got me into this idea.

Lisa Sasevich:  Cool.

Yosef Levy:  So that’s my opportunity of doing some shopping for me and my family.

Lisa Sasevich:  Yep.

Yosef Levy:   Goal number two is a vacation, obviously. Taking the time to myself, relaxing and thinking a little bit about what I’m doing, what can I improve in my life? And if I’m already taking a vacation and going shopping, I feel I need to add something more important to make this trip really a good idea.

Yosef Levy:   So I always put into the thought goal is to learn something new, to meet inspiring people, and basically to improve my knowledge, my marketing knowledge. So every year, we choose one of the topics built in the world, in the field of marketing, and I say, “I want to have private time with that expert, in order to improve my knowledge, and to enable me to pass over this knowledge to my students and my clients.”

Yosef Levy:   So I’m so excited about meeting Lisa for this trip. Lisa’s incredible. She changed my life with her program of Event Profit Secrets. So I’m so happy being here. And I really recommend you all, if you’re already taking a vacation, take it and make it a little bit bigger. Try to find inspiring people throughout your vacation, and don’t just leave it for vacation. If we improve our knowledge, the more we improve our knowledge, the more we succeed. So I really want to thank you for the opportunity-

Lisa Sasevich:  Yeah.

Yosef Levy:  … of learning from you.

Lisa Sasevich:  Oh my pleasure. I thank you for sharing that because when Yosef shared that story with me, I was inspired to share back with him that about two years ago, another expert, that some of you may know, Todd Herman, he has the 90 Day Year, awesome course. He came out like you for a day. And I asked him a similar question, “What inspired you to come out and spend the day with me? You can learn from anyone.” And he said at Lisa, “I’ve done all your programs. I get the tiles. Thinking of the five-step processes, I can follow those and I’m having great success. But I came out here because I want the grout. I want the stuff that’s in-between the titles. There’s nowhere to put it, but it’s really the stuff success is made of.”

Lisa Sasevich:  And when you shared that with me, that for me was the grout. It was something I could take in my life that fits in-between all my big systems and processes. And I’m already thinking because we’re about to enter into a new decade of how I’m going to improve my life. And I’m going to borrow that one.

Yosef Levy:  Good.

Lisa Sasevich:  I’m going to make sure that I’m vacationing, that I’m meeting new and inspiring people and really going straight in for a lead mentor that I haven’t met. And investing in myself the way you did here. And then I like shopping at Nordstrom part I think I can up my game at that.

Yosef Levy:  That’s the most exciting.

Lisa Sasevich:  So, hey, thank you for being on my Meant For More Moment.

Yosef Levy:  Thank you so much.

Lisa Sasevich:  Again, this is Yosef Levy, The Marketing Rabbi, in Israel. Really helping people grow their businesses, and living his own meant for more life, and really today helped me live mine to the next level too.

Yosef Levy:  Thank you.


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