You Have to Ask

Did you know that the biggest block for people who are out there trying to make big money doing what they love is that they don’t ask?

Maybe you intend to serve your client by making an irresistible offer, or offering an upsell or a perfectly suited cross sell, but when the moment came you shied away.

Most people are so worried about rejection, what a client can afford, or what someone else might think, that they often stop short of asking.

I want to flip that around, and see if I can help you break through this barrier. Let’s look at how asking is actually the purest form of service.

By asking if someone would like to work with you further or receive the transformation you provide, you give someone an opportunity to make a life altering decision for him or herself.

You give a person the chance to be confronted with the decision, “Am I going to say yes and transform my life today, or am I going to say no and choose to stay exactly where I am?”

That invitation you make by asking is a very powerful way to serve someone, but it only happens when you set yourself aside, put your client first, and ask. They get to decide; and in service, you simply ask.

Plainly said, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and neither do your prospective and current clients.

So the next time you feel reticent to make an irresistible offer consider what you’re depriving a person of if you don’t.

And then go ahead and ask.

You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:
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