Sometimes you do have to do it yourself

Sometimes you do have to do it yourself

Your Meant for More Moment:

For over a decade I’ve worked to convince my clients that when it comes to monetizing your mission, you don’t have to learn to do everything yourself. That’s part of what Meant for More is all about…discovering your Unique Value so you can focus on that and in turn, enjoy the Unique Value that others have to offer.

Put simply, you stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine and voila…we both benefit and the world is better off.

But every once in a while, something different arises within us. A knowing that we DO need to take something on ourselves. Even if someone else is better suited to do it, sometimes the creative part of us; the part that is yearning for a creative stretch needs to spread its wings.

Here’s how I know…

Ahhh…some of the blessings of quarantine include things I would have never thought of in busier times.

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