Boost Your Confidence in Public Speaking, Episode #51

Boost Your Confidence in Public Speaking

You want to make a difference in the world, that’s why you do what you do. One of the best ways to get the word out there about your brand is to speak about it publicly. For some people, this idea can bring about paralyzing terror, but public speaking doesn’t have to be so scary. Sometimes you just need to boost your confidence. Public speaking doesn’t have to mean speaking at a formal high-paid public speaking event. You can boost your brand’s credibility and your confidence by speaking publicly at small informal events. If you need a confidence boost to help you overcome your fear of public speaking you’ll want to listen to this episode of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle to hear some fantastic tips on how to erase those fears.

Episode Highlights

  • [3:21] Build credibility by becoming a speaker
  • [6:22] My own story
  • [11:18] Connect to your mission
  • [13:52] Relate to your audience
  • [16:56] Be yourself
  • [21:05] Prepare, prepare, prepare
  • [23:01] Know your offer


Connect to your mission

What is your mission? Before you can be successful at public speaking you have to have a clear connection to your mission. Once you are able to connect to that big idea you will be able to convey it clearly to your audience. You must think about what you want for your audience. After you are connected to your mission you can begin gaining the confidence that you need to become a successful public speaker. If you are serious about building your business and overcoming your public speaking fears you’ll want to listen to this episode to learn some great tips on how to gain confidence in public speaking.

Relate to your audience

Being relatable is an important key to connecting with your audience. Your audience needs to feel a connection with you before they will be willing to listen to anything you have to say. Gain credibility by using your vulnerability. You can do this by sharing a piece of your personal story to your audience. Find a story that you can relate to your audience and that can connect to your audience and your offer. Having a relatable story will help your audience open up and listen to how you are trying to help them. Listen to the full episode to hear all of the fantastic tips I have to help you gain confidence and overcome your fear of public speaking.

Be yourself

Being yourself is so important. If you try and present yourself as perfect your audience will be able to see right through you. Your audience will be ok with imperfection since we are all imperfect. If you need to look at your notes to give your best presentation then don’t be afraid to look at your notes, just let your audience know that you need that to give your best speech. This is part of being authentic. If you’re nervous say it. If you’re excited, tell them. Keep the authenticity going and the fear will fade away. If you are worried about public speaking then you will want to listen to this full episode to hear all the public speaking tips I have to help improve your confidence in public speaking.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

I can’t say it enough, to be a confident public speaker you need to be prepared. If you are well prepared you will be able to give your talk in your sleep. Once you are well prepared you can take your signature talk and give it anywhere and adapt it to any audience. Use all of these fantastic tips to diminish your fear of public speaking and then you will be able to use the tool of speaking to share your offer with many different audiences. Listen to this great episode to hear all 5 of my tips on how to eliminate your fear, boost your confidence, and become a better speaker.

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2 thoughts on “Boost Your Confidence in Public Speaking

  1. Lisa, I just love this episode.

    As you know, speaking has been a challenge of mine
    — but maybe it won’t be by the time people read this!!!

    Although I’ve heard you say these things before, I still
    loved hearing you make these valuable points one
    more time. I even jotted notes again.

    Love you and your content.

    Together, you’re simply fabulous, as I’ve told you.

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