How to Protect Your Mission

Trademark expert, Andrei Mincov, joins the podcast today as my guest. My team and I love Andrei, of Trademark Factory, and he’s become the go-to man for mission-driven business owners to safeguard their work!

If you’ve been getting out there with your message then tune into this episode with Andrei as he explains why it’s often too late but never too early to protect your company assets.

Episode Highlights

  • [12:55] How Andrei’s dad inspired the work that has touched businesses across the world
  • [15:20] What do entrepreneurs need to protect so their work is safeguarded?
  • [19:00] Where do business owners start with trademarking?
  • [20:45] CocaCola trademark story, hear the true power of protecting your intellectual property
  • [21:50] How can listeners learn more about trademarking?


What do entrepreneurs need to protect so their work is safeguarded?

Before you think about what to trademark in your business there are a few prerequisites to consider. You have to identify an element within your company that is completely unique. Even if you’re in a saturated market find what makes you different and this is where a brand starts becoming your most valuable asset.

Here’s a quick list of some properties you can being to brainstorm around:

  • The company name / the name of your business
  • Your programs and products
  • Your logo
  • Your proprietary system, what you teach clients to use
  • Tag lines, your catchy phrases

In this section, Andrei gives additional ways you can ensure these properties are unique to you and your company. Be sure to listen and take notes so you can get your trademark through the legal system as quickly and effortlessly as possible!

Where do business owners start with trademarking?

To get started with trademarks and protecting your mission — start with a list! Look at your business cards, your website, your messaging – all those areas that identify your business and are brandable assets.

Ask yourself, is there something that you want ppl to remember about you? Notice about you?

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