Predictable, Automated Client Attraction

Digital marketing can be overwhelming, distracting, and downright crazy-making… or so it feels that way until you’ve found support like today’s guests.

Meet Lucas Garvin and Jim Hohl, the co-founders of The Thought Leader Agency (formerly Visify). Today they’re joining the Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle Show to share how they’re creating revenue streams for their clients month over month with the power of digital advertising.

Episode Highlights

  • [5:20] Drop all the digital marketing distractions
  • [6:10] 3 key things you need to have in place to hit 6 or 7-figures
  • [8:23] How Leann attracted more leads than she could handle with a new revenue stream
  • [15:03] Visify’s system for attracting new high-value coaching and consulting clients every single month automatically and predictably


  • Free Video Training – How We Attract New High-Value Coaching And Consulting Clients Every Single Month Automatically & Predictably

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