Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda or Meant for More Life?


Hey there. Lisa Sasevich here and welcome. I’m excited to have you with me for the first in a series of what I am calling Meant For More Moments.

This is really a chance for me to start sharing a little more publicly about something that’s been bubbling up inside me for a while now. It’s related to what I have seen over the last 10 years plus as I’ve been able to help our students all over the world step into their greatness and live a life they love by making money with that thing that is their specialty, their knowledge, their service, the gift they want to bring to the world. And what I see in their eyes, and have had the privilege to help foster in their life, is that they know that they’re meant for more.

And what I’ve come to see as they’ve brought guests to our seminars and our workshops, and I’ve had the chance to speak all over the world is that that feeling, that knowing that each one of us, are truly meant for more, exists in all of us, and we are tapped into it at different levels.

It’s a feeling that won’t go away. Try as we might push it back, push it down, it will keep bubbling up. So I want to start talking about that and some steps that you can take to live your meant for more life.

These brief little meant for more moments will foster inspiration inside you to pull the string on that feeling and see what comes along with it.

When I was 19 years old, my mom passed away in my arms of lung cancer and she was 47. It wasn’t long before we had a special ceremony in the backyard for her with our most loved friends and family, and I at 19 was kind of in the blur of all of that and just trying to sort out what had just happened. I don’t know if you ever really do, but I do remember one thing very clearly from that experience, and it’s what I heard all the people in our backyard saying and little snippets here and there and it sounded something like, “Wow, Ina was amazing. She really … Oh, she really should have,” and then they’d go on to say the things that they saw as potential for her.

“If only she could have,” and they talk about the things that if she had only had the chance or taken the chance and, “It would have been amazing if she would have,” and they talked about all the possibilities and opportunities that they saw for her, and in my 19-year-old head all I could hear was could have, would have, should have. Could have, would have, should have. Could have, would have, should have. And something happened inside me, I guess I made a decision, that I was not going to live a could have, would have, should have life.

And the opportunity to make that decision, to make that choice is inside every one of us. For every one of us, there are things that we know we could be doing, we should be doing, oh, if only we would be doing. And you know what? We have the opportunity. We’re here, we’re breathing the air, right? You’re here able to enjoy this moment with me.

We have the opportunity to say yes to that and to start making the moves to make that difference in the world that is welling up inside us.

So in April of 2020, the wonderful publisher named Hay House, Hay House Publishing, is going to be releasing a book that I wrote called Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits. And I want to start way back at the beginning now, we’re months away from that happening, although I believe it’s already available for presale on Amazon.

I just want to start entertaining the conversation together, and really to support you and me continuously to step into that inspired place where that would have, could have, should have life, we have that chance to say yes or no.

I’m going to say yes to really living the life I was made for. My meant for more life. So that’s the opportunity. Thanks for being with me today, and I am going to continue to create these inspired moments for us where we can look at creating our Meant for More lives together. I’m stepping into mine at the next level now and I want to take you with me.

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  1. Yes. I need this. I have so much knowledge packed away in my head and I dont know how to get it out and organize it into a bite sized packets that will be meaningful, helpful, and transformative for other people.

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