How the Right Words Increase Sales

Have you ever lost a prospect because you didn’t have the right words to convey the value you have to offer?

When I went from selling for corporate companies to offering my personal services and expertise I had to find a way to make an offer irresistible to my prospects while feeling confident and most of all not salesy, today I call that my Speak-to-Sell system.

Entrepreneurs across the world have used this step-by-step system to find the right words to offer their products, programs, and services.

I wanted to know exactly what my clients have been up to. So my team and I decided to run a video contest for all the students of my Speak-to-Sell Program 🙂

We have five finalists, and I need your help! These 5 women had exponential results when they finally had the words to sell their service.

Watch their inspiring videos and leave a comment below with your favorite.

Melody Leon is a recent graduate who, with extra 1:1 help from my coaches, was able to transform her mindset and is already working with more clients thanks to her Signature Talk.

Self-described free spirit, Joyce Stech was fighting the idea that structure could help her make an offer to potential clients and uplevel her business. Thanks to incorporating my flexible Speak-to-Sell system, Joyce’s business is booming.

Martha Wilson struggled to explain her work and its value to potential clients. Using the plug-and-play structure of STS, she can now tell people about her work with content-rich presentations and smartly priced offers.

This busy mom stopped playing small and discovered how to ask for what she’s worth, so she has more time for her family. Kathryn Calhoun credits Speak-to-Sell as a key component in the launch of her coaching business.

Using STS, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, who already had a well-recognized mature business, expanded her selling skills and was able to increase her close rate AND revenue by 25%.

As you can hear these ladies worked hard, were committed to the process and got out with their work. I share my belief with my clients, when you put the work in, show up big with your Signature Talk and Irresistible Offer the results follow.

What’s next? I’m going to award three winners of this contest, including one grand prize winner.

You can help me pick a winner – all you need to do is leave a comment below with your favorite and each comment will be a help for me to choose the winners.

13 thoughts on “How the Right Words Increase Sales

    1. Hello STS Graduates!

      I loved eveyone’s talks, but Kathryn Calhoun was my favorite by just an inch. The emotional power and transformation sold me.

      Dr. Elsbeth Meuth was a very, very close second. That said – she is definitely a deep professional. I can see why she is now closing at 25% – a truly well delivered talk.

      Martha Wilson was a close third. I loved the enthusiasm and congruence to her desire for lack of structure within the structure. I connected to that.

      Melody Leon impressed me for the quality of her connection to the process of growing threw her challenges.

      I think the very small differentiators were: camera positioning, connection to emotions, body congruence, dynamics of mtions and the diversity of micro-expressions that show subtle changes in emotion.

      These were ALL so Great.!

  1. I love how Kathryn Calhoun shared that this training not only transformed her business but affected all areas of her life – amazing!!

  2. The 3 winners are without any doubts Elsbeth, Kathryn and Martha. Possibly in that order too. I find it hard to choose between Elsbeth and Kathryn. Elsbeth is a much better speaker and for Kathryn STS has had an even greater impact. So it stands between the two of them!
    Good luck Lisa in choosing!

    /Eva Kugelberg

  3. My Top Choices—AND…congratulations to ALL of you for for saying YES to the invitations to create your inspiring videos!!

    My First Choice: Kathryn Calhoun Such a touching, naturally presented and real story that left me with the message and internal response of FEASIBLE, FEASIBLE, FEASIBLE! Do it! Do It! Do It!

    My Second Choice: Dr. Elsbeth Meuth Totally gracious delivery of an effective message that left me with the message that I too can add speaking more powerfully to my business!!

    My Third Choice: Martha Wilson I’m convinced… Speak and they will Come! AND what’s more, they will pay!!

    I was out of the country working and just couldn’t swing it to jump in– so thanks for paving the way! Love the inspiration I receive from video contests.

  4. They are all amazing and I am sure there were so many more prior to your final top 5, Lisa!
    So happy to choose Kathryn Calhoun out of this line up. She really not only touched my heart, but inspired the flame in me as well.
    Much love to all. Cheers and congrats to the winner!

  5. I love how Kathryn Calhoun talks about the impact on her entire life and the lives of her clients as well. Fantastic! I also love Joyce’s energy. Great job everyone!

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