Reggae, Tacos and Hiking


Hey guys, Lisa here, and I am at Golden Gate Canyon on top of Nightbird Gulch. Look around. It’s January. I have a t-shirt on, and you can probably see the snow on the ground behind me, and I’m just having the most awesome day.

I came out here to speak at one of my student’s event, and one of the things I love to do that I want to make sure you guys are doing is something you may not have heard of. So you’re going to thank me forever, and it’s called Airbnb Experiences.

It’s kind of like the coolness of Airbnb, where you can rent someone’s private home or stay in their home, and it just feels like home when you’re in another city or state or country. But it’s experiences. So just super cool people around the world doing their passion and taking other people with them.

So, I mean, when I was in Dublin I went on a foodie tour, and this guy showed us all the great restaurants and taught us how to make Irish coffee. Recently in Bali, and did a sound healing meditation with these bowls and sound healing, in the middle of the jungle at this guy’s little one-bedroom place with my boyfriend, and he gave us the most amazing sound healing.

Even in San Diego where I live, sometimes I’ll take my daughter on an Airbnb Experience to pet puppies. We’ll pet rescue dogs and walk rescue dogs, and it’s 30 bucks and it’s the best two hours of our life.

So here I am in Denver, and I purposely booked my flight out to leave a little later, about three o’clock. So last night I looked and I found this awesome tour that if you’re in Denver, I want to make sure you guys do, called … Wait, let me get the name right. I think it’s hiking, reggae, and tacos. It’s those three words. I don’t know the order. Hiking, reggae, and tacos. Tacos, reggae, and hiking.

And Ben, who you’ll meet, does an awesome job just taking you to spots that you would not go alone as a tourist, not crowded. I mean, we are here on the most beautiful day of the year and we’re the only ones on our mountain.

And I’ve got two other gals with me, one gal you can kind of see behind me here, she’s here from Chicago. And then way up there is Ben and Ting, who’s here from China. So you also meet some really cool people from around the world.

And so I’m here, just want to share this day with you. And it got me thinking as I was in the car listening to the reggae, that’s the reggae part, is Ben plays reggae as he drives you to the mountain.

And then he makes tacos when you get to the top of the hill. He’s got all the stuff in his little backpack. They’re awesome. His mom made homemade salsa. And I wanted to tie this back to a meant for more moment, because really what I want you thinking about is your passion and how you can be paid the most for the thing you love to do the most, and it’s easy for you. For him, it is just easy to wake up and put this together. But for any of us gals here, we wouldn’t know where to go. We can’t even imagine cooking tacos on the top of the mountain. And I haven’t listened to reggae in far too long.

So that’s the coolness of Airbnb Experiences. I love meeting the people that are in their passion. It’s so much better than a standard company, 30 person tour. Oh, we even did one in New Orleans. We did a ghost tour at night with my kids. Because what do you do in New Orleans on Bourbon Street with two teenagers?

Anyway, so I want you to start just reflecting on that, right? Like, what is your reggae? What is your reggae, tacos, and hiking? And I also think there’s a cool brand there. Like him and I were talking on the walk, and I’m like, keep that brand, do it in every city. All the other hikes look the same, like a commodity. But you turn on your reggae on the way, and you make us tacos on the top, and you’re going to have the most bookings of everyone, and great reviews as you do.

So that’s my question for this meant for more moment, what is your reggae, hiking, and tacos, and you starting to lean into it, right? What I love, too, is that the guy used to be in, you know, he trained as an entrepreneur and he used to work in San Francisco, I don’t know, maybe Silicon Valley, in a startup, and completely changed his life to come out and do this. And it was a side hustle, but now it’s his full-time gig, and I think it’s going to be big.

So that’s my question for you today, and thanks for enjoying this gorgeous mountain scape with me.


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